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Concentrated Science proudly provides consulting services tailored to your individual operation. Whether you’re just getting started with facility design, selecting equipment to purchase, optimizing existing processes, or scaling your tried and true techniques, Concentrated Science is here to help at any stage from concept to completion.


Our passionate team of industry experts are skilled in all aspects of extraction, post processing, and product formulation. With over a decade of combined experience and expansive professional networks, we can safely ensure the success and satisfaction of our clients. We welcome the opportunity to make your vision a reality.


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Jason Showard

Founder and CEO

A natural problem solver and jack of all trades, Jason is skilled at quickly assessing the state of a project, targeting inefficiencies, and coming up with innovative solutions to streamline operations.


Jason entered the cannabis extraction field in 2017, when he joined the team at a startup building an ethanol extraction facility. He made a point to know every machine in the lab inside and out, and spent the next 3 years pouring over test results to optimize purity and yields.  In that time, Jason managed the construction of a second facility, scaling the processes perfected at the first.  As lab director of the new facility, he led the team to consistently produce extracts testing at 99%+ total cannabinoids. 


At the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, Jason put extraction on hold and teamed up with Greg Arias to help meet the unprecedented consumer demand for hand sanitizer.  They joined a sanitizer startup and helped them quickly scale from 800 to 30,000 + gallons of daily sanitizer production.  When the demand for sanitizer died down, Jason followed his passion back to extraction, but in a different capacity. In December of 2020, he launched The Modern Extractor podcast, which provided in-depth information about the processes he’d spent the past few years perfecting.  The show quickly gained popularity in the extraction space and is currently downloaded from 43 countries.


The Modern Extractor has established Jason as an expert in the extraction space, while continuing to expand his knowledge in cutting edge processing technology and his network in the extraction community.  The increased exposure and expansive network bolstered by The Modern Extractor led him to team up with his good friend and colleague, Greg Arias, and start Concentrated Science, Inc. in early 2021.


Greg Arias

Chemical Engineer

I am a chemical engineer working for the past 8 years in the food/beverage/pharmaceutical industry. I received my masters in Chemical Engineering from Arizona State University where I focused on alternative energy, specifically microbial fuel cells. Right out of college, I started working at OHSO distillery where I was responsible for recipe creation and process optimization along with general production of distilled spirits.


After 5 years in Arizona, I moved to California and began partnering with Jason on various projects within the cannabis/CBD space. I worked alongside Jason with a mutual colleague to start a terpene flavoring business, Sierra Terpenes; further expanding upon my knowledge in the field of flavor chemistry. Together, Jason and I specialize in being part of the cutting edge of novel cannabinoid discovery, new technology in the field, general process initiation and optimization from start to finish. 


During the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we took a dive into hand sanitizer production, further expanding our toolbox and range in general chemical consulting services. I managed the analytical laboratory, R&D and quality control branch of the facility.

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